Covid-19 has changed the world and New Zealand is definitely not exempt. Here at Working In Visas we are turning our attention to everyone whose visa may be impacted. Our mission is to get people through to the other side.

We’ve been helping people offshore and onshore for over a decade, getting positive outcomes for almost 2000 people a year. Come to a safe place and get your visa headaches sorted before Immigration New Zealand changes its policy.


Do you have a work visa that needs renewing? Right now, with the Covid-19 outbreak, it’s likely that Immigration New Zealand will be changing policy that may impact future renewals. It’s important to act quickly. Even if your visa doesn’t expire for a while, you should act now before policy changes.

We process almost 2000 work visas a year for people offshore and onshore. We have a large team of experts set up to deal with issues quickly. Time is at a premium.

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Right now, residency in New Zealand is at a premium. If you haven’t applied for your residency yet or if you think you don’t meet criteria, contact us now for expert advice. Things are changing and Immigration is giving updates often on changes that are taking place in light of Covid-19. Contact us to see whether you are eligible or if you need assistance with your application. Borders are tightening and time is of the essence. Let us help you.

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We know that right now across New Zealand people are very sadly losing their jobs and their security. Options do exist and the Government is extending Work and other temporary visas that expire between April 2 and July 9 to September 25th.

But what happens next? Contact us about the next step and potential employment opportunities. We are here to help.

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Employers. Do you employ visa holders?

Working In Visas works with a myriad of employers from large multi-nationals to the classic Kiwi SME. We consult, listen to and work hard for our clients. As an employer you know you will get real advice, practical solutions and very realistic costing. Repeat business is our mainstay so make contact using any platform and we’ll respond to assist.

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